Connie Jordan Green

Regret Comes to Tea, a second collection of poems, is now available for purchase from Finishing Line Press and from Amazon.

The tile poem, Regret Comes to Tea

She arrives as we set out cups and saucers,
fine porcelain from great-grandmother's
fiftieth wedding anniversary, says
she dropped off her half-sister Grief
at the house two doors down, needs
no invitation to come in, sit by the table,
peel off her gloves. She wears gray wool
too heavy for the season, dress that reaches
her ankles, exposes only her spiky
black heels, stiletto sharp
to pierce our hearts.

Connie Jordan Green's new poetry collection from Finishing Line, Regret Comes To Tea, focuses on the common artifacts of our lives through which we express and learn and discover the extraordinary.
Inspired by the Cumberland Mountains and farmland she looks out on from her attic study where she does her writing, Green is spot-on when it comes to putting the right word in the right order. Her poems are stunning, as well demonstrated in the title poem for the collection.
Ina Hughs
News Sentinel, Knoxville, Tennessee

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